Fundraising with a Walkathon

A walkathon is a fundraising event that involves a walk along a designated course. The distance, course, and theme of the walkathon vary from organization to organization. Many organizations host walkathons as annually occurring events.
Host a Walkathon to fundraise and help your cause!
There are many different means of raising money with a walkathon. Popular choices are peer-to-peer fundraising or crowdfunding campaigns in which participants raise money from their personal networks. Other choices include collecting pledges or selling merchandise. As a primary means of walkathon fundraising, we recommend setting up an online funding system that supporters can visit and donate. A walkathon is a community event that can bring a lot of new donors to an organization. They’re fun, active, and appealing to a large audience.  Walkathons are easy to customize to an organization’s needs, and they offer a lot of marketing potential. A walkathon is an event that is accessible, fun, and builds camaraderie among communities and neighborhoods. Those who aren’t walking can still attend to cheer on their friends and family members who are participating. Choose a nice spring or fall day, and it can be a great community event. To take your walkathon to the next level, secure local vendors to line the path and entertain participants and spectators.  
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Affordable fundraiser A walkathon is a relatively affordable fundraising event for most organizations. Most of the costs will come from additional features, such as products that you want to sell or entertainment. We hear that many organizations organize walkathons and after all expenses are accounted for they keep over 90% of the money raised.  
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