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What We Do

Our service is designed for organizations and individuals seeking to raise funds for different programs. Our platform allows you to:

  • Create unlimited number of programs
  • Receive pledges from people all over the world.
  • Receive pledges in multiple currencies
  • Send automated pledge redemption reminders
  • You can start with a FREE account to start receiving unlimited pledges.


Finpledge offers a variety of amazing features some of which include:

Unlimited Programs

You can create unlimited number of programs for your organization.

Unlimited Pledges

There is no limit to the amount of pledges you can receive for any of your programs.

Multiple Currencies

You choose what currency you want to receive pledges in for a particular program. The supported currencies include:

Automated Reminders

Finpledge sends automated pledge redemption reminder emails and SMS to all those pledgers who still have outstanding pledges. You can set the duration of this reminder or even turn off this feature.

Auto-Generated Pledge Forms

Finpledge autogenerates pledge forms for all your programs. You can print this form at the click of a button and use it to collect pledges offline.

Offline Pledge Support

Finpledge allows you capture pledges offline and later upload them seamleslly to your account from the admin area.

Detailed Reporting

You can search pledges by amount, name, pledge source and so many other criteria. The system also gives a detailed report of the amount pledged, redeemed and outstanding for each currency

Unique Url

The system provides you with a unique url which you can publicize on your social media pages to get people to view all your programs on Finpledge and make donations.

Automated Payouts

All payments made to your organization on Finpledge are paid out to you in T+1 days for NGN and T+7 days for USD transactions respectively. Where T is the transaction date.

Regular Updates

We keep rolling out new features to help you better manage pledges and raise more money for your organization

Get Started

Finpledge helps you achieve your organization's financial goal by helping you reach more people who can donate to your programs


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Finpledge is FREE to use. But with a free account you can only create for which you can accept unlimited pledges. However, if you do not have an ACTIVE subscription, we charge commission on all payments to your account.

In order to enjoy zero commission charges, create unlimited number of programs and also send out automated pledge redemption reminders, simply subscribe to our monthly plan of

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You can reach us via any of the following channels anytime/anyday


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Phone Number

+234 703 155 5108

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which countries are supported?: You can use Finpledge from any country in the world. However, only Nigerian bank accounts are supported at the moment. But we are seriously working towards paying out to bank accounts in other countries.
  2. Can I use a personal bank account to receive payment?: Yes. You can use a corporate or personal bank account to receive payments on Finpledge.
  3. Can I create sub-admins to manage my account?: Yes. Finpledge allows you create up to 2 sub-admins to manage your account. You can delete any sub-admin anytime.
  4. Does Finpledge charge a percentage on received payments?: No. We do not charge a percentage on funds paid to your organization provided you have an ACTIVE subscription. However, if you do not have an ACTIVE subscription, we charge commission on all payments to your account. To avoid this charge, simply renew your subscription.
  5. Can I use an NGN account to receive USD payment?: Yes. You can use your NGN account to receive USD payments. However funds will be remitted to your account in NGN. The conversion rate will be determined by the pledger's bank.
  6. Other questions?: For other questions not addressed here, kindly contact us via any of the channels above.


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